US storage market to reach 3.9 GW, $4.5B by 2023

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Wood Mackenzie analysts say the energy storage boom is about to begin in earnest, with the value of the market and number of batteries expected to multiply rapidly in the next two to three years. And while BTM deployments were the story in the third quarter, the firm expects utility-scale installations will drive most of the growth — at least for the next couple of years.


Energy Storage Industry Pushes for Clarity on Tax Credit Eligibility

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A coalition of groups led by the Energy Storage Association (ESA) is calling on lawmakers in the U.S. House and Senate to clarify that energy storage systems qualify for the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), an incentive they say could help clean energy companies obtain financing, compete internationally and grow. (more…)

Lower Battery Prices Help Win and Solar

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Fueled by cheap battery costs, wind and solar power are poised to produce nearly 50% of the world’s electricity by 2050, according to a Bloomberg New Energy Finance report released Tuesday.

Why it matters: Renewable energy is getting cheaper as its technologies reach greater economies of scale. Notable this year are the falling prices for batteries that store energy generated by the wind and sun, which have become cheaper and easier to implement than previously forecast.