New fuel cell could help fix the renewable energy storage problem

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If we want a shot at transitioning to renewable energy, we’ll need one crucial thing: technologies that can convert electricity from wind and sun into a chemical fuel for storage and vice versa. Commercial devices that do this exist, but most are costly and perform only half of the equation. Now, researchers have created lab-scale gadgets that do both jobs. If larger versions work as well, they would help make it possible—or at least more affordable—to run the world on renewables. The market for such technologies has grown along with renewables: In 2007, solar and wind provided just 0.8% of […]

US storage market to reach 3.9 GW, $4.5B by 2023

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Wood Mackenzie analysts say the energy storage boom is about to begin in earnest, with the value of the market and number of batteries expected to multiply rapidly in the next two to three years. And while BTM deployments were the story in the third quarter, the firm expects utility-scale installations will drive most of the growth — at least for the next couple of years.