At Lorand Energy we bring together diverse business backgrounds to build solar alliances and opportunities.
Peter Barrett

Co-Founder, Managing Principal
Legal and Transactions

Peter oversees Lorand’s business operations and financial structure of Infra-Solis, project transactions, legal directives and execution of the financial model Lorand has developed to serve its customers.

Ira Stewart

Co-Founder, Managing Principal Projects and Technology

Since 2012 Ira Stewart has directed relationships with solar installers, host facilities, financial institutions and solar investors, building lasting partnerships and facilitating solar energy opportunities. Ira is involved with solar projects from initial interest, through project analysis and the underwriting process, coordinating project modeling, stakeholder involvement, and agreement execution.

Paul Kimzey

Administration, Marketing
 and Customer Relations

Paul oversees Lorand’s communications, marketing, and outreach, including industry, investor, and public relations.
Paul also coordinates all project development activities. He is also responsible for managing day to day operations of Lorand’s office infrastructure.