Paul Kimzey

Principal: Administration, Marketing and Customer Relations

Paul oversees Lorand Energy’s communications, marketing, and outreach, including industry, investor, and public relations.
Paul is involved with Lorand’s renewables projects from initial interest, through project analysis and the underwriting process, coordinating project modeling, stakeholder involvement, and agreement execution.
Before Lorand, Paul spent seventeen years building internet application development and marketing companies that eventually led to a successful career in the advertising industry. The last few years he spent meaningful time internationally working in the non-profit sector fundraising and overseeing jobs programs in South Africa and Mexico through animal and fisheries conservation.
After many years of scorched earth living he is focused on paying back his carbon debt through education, conservation and building sustainable renewable energy projects for future generations.
Paul is a rancher and outdoor enthusiast. He enjoys spending free time skiing, cycling, hunting and fishing with his wife Crozier, their four boys and two dogs.